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Healthcare organizations exist to improve the health of the communities they serve . . . traditionally, one patient at a time. As the health status of our country and our community continues to deteriorate due to unhealthy behaviors (tobacco use, lack of exercise and poor nutrition) and the social-determinants of health (unmet basic needs, low education and employment levels), it is clear that hospitals must work together in new ways, with new partners, to reverse these negative trends.

Since 1999, Lucas County Hospitals have worked together through the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio’s Lucas County Healthy Communities Foundation to assess and address health status. This has resulted in measurable improvement and has leveraged more than $24 million for Lucas County and the region from 1999-2012 through programs addressing issues such as tobacco control, disaster preparedness, trauma care, electronic health records and access to care. But the work has just begun.

2013 marked a renewed commitment to community health improvement due to the increasing responsibility being given to hospitals, through the Affordable Care Act, to identify and address community health needs. In response, Lucas County Hospitals committed to Fostering Healthy Communities in bold new ways. Lucas County Hospitals believe that by developing a common health improvement agenda, it will serve as a catalyst for other sectors to join forces and work toward Collective Impact. Collective Impact is a relatively new term that signifies the belief that large scale social change comes from better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated interventions of individual organizations.


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