Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio

Clergy Badge Process and Application


Northwest Ohio Clergy Badge Information

All hospitals acknowledge the important role that community clergy play in support of patient care by addressing the spiritual needs of the patient. Therefore, NW Ohio Pastoral Care Directors, together with NW Ohio Safety and Security Directors, have developed the current Clergy Badge application and approval process. This process endeavors to protect the safety of patients as well as hospital employees and visitors. The cost of the clergy badge is $30.00 ($20.00 for a replacement badge).


The Clergy Badge is recognized by hospitals located in the following NW Ohio counties:

Van Wert



Person wearing the Clergy Hospital Visitation Identification Badge are expected to comply with some basic guidelines for pastoral visitations. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of clergy privileges and the surrender of the Identification Badge.


  1. I will comply with each hospital’s rules for visitation by clergy visitors.
  2. I will wear my identification badge in a clearly visible location with the photograph exposed.
  3. I will visit only members of my own religious institution, their immediate family members or persons requesting my presence.
  4. I will respect the wishes of the patient who does not want a clergy visit.
  5. I will not interrupt or interfere with any medical treatment or examination; I will cooperate with treatment plans.
  6. I will wear the clothing, gloves and/or masks to eliminate passing of infection by observing the notices posted on patient’s door or asking the staff for guidance.
  7. When a patient’s door is closed, I will request a member of the hospital staff to check if it is appropriate for me to visit.
  8. In intensive care units, and outside regular visiting hours, I will identify myself to the staff before visiting.
  9. I will limit the use of my parking privileges to my professional function as a clergy visitor.
  10. I will surrender my badge and notify the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio when I am no longer affiliated with the congregation that is identified on the badge.
  11. I understand that disrespect and rudeness directed to any person at the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio, the hospital(s), or patient(s) may result in the loss of HCNO hospital visitation privileges.
  12. I agree not to disclose any information regarding any hospital patient – including that the patient is or was hospitalized, the reason for hospital treatment, or the patient’s medical condition – without express consent of the patient or, if the patient is a minor or unable to give consent, the legal guardian.
  13. I have received and read the “Guidelines for Visitation and Use of the Clergy ID Badge” that accompanied this application.
  14. The Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio reserves the right to change the Clergy procedure as required.



Members of the clergy are asked to apply for a clergy badge through the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and wear the badge when they visit patients in Northwest Ohio Hospitals.

To apply for your Northwest Ohio Clergy Badge, please follow this procedure:

  • Complete the Clergy Badge application (pdf) and include one of the following forms of documentation:
  • Ordination Certificate
  • License
  • Letter from your Religious Leader

    An "Authority to Solemnize Marriage License" will not be accepted as a form of documentation.

  • Send the Clergy Badge Application along with the required documentation to the address shown below. (Do not include payment with the application.)

Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio
3231 Central Park West Drive, Suite 200
Toledo, OH 43617



Once you have received notification that your application has been approved, telephone our office (419) 842-0800 to make your appointment to get your photo taken. Please, no walk-ins are accepted.

Payment is required at the time your photo is taken. Also, proof of identity will be required, such as a driver's license or state ID card.