HCNO and NOSS Staff


W. Scott Fry

President & CEO

Amber Rice

Assistant to the President

Jan Ruma

Vice President, HCNO; Executive Director, Toledo/Lucas County CareNet; Director, Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB

Dee Geer

Administrative Assistant

Finance and Operations

Kimberly Temple


Tricia Daniels

Accountant II

Julie Grasson

Project Director, HCNO; Assistant Director, Toledo/Lucas County CareNet

Barbara Gunning

Advance Care Planning Program Director

Tina Hacker

HR Manager

Valerie Hovland

Director of Compliance and Operations

Marchelle Lee


Julie McKinnon

Communications & Grant Coordinator

Community Health Improvement (Community Health Assessments, Planning and Evaluation Services)

Britney Ward


Layla Abraham


Tessa Elliott


Emily Golias


Emily Stearns


Margaret Wielinski

Assistant Director

Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Registry

Patrick Trejchel

Northwest Ohio Healthcare Regional Preparedness Program Manager

Susan Murphy

Disaster/Trauma Registry Program Coordinator

Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB

Carly Salamone

Assistant Director

Alayna Cavanaugh

Training Coordinator

Selena Coley

Project Coordinator

Terri Connolly

Finance Specialist

Kathy Crawford

Referral Specialist

Chris Demko

Operations Manager

Dora Gorham-Garcia

Invoicing Assistant

Duane Herron

Program Manager

Amy Hurley

Referral Manager

Holly Pappada

Referral Specialist

CJ Stobinski

Referral Assistant

Alishea Sutton

Evaluation Specialist

Northwest Ohio Shared Services

Carolyn Trumbull

Programs & Services Director